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Do you want to burn fat and calories, rev-up your cardiovascular system,
increase your energy, stamina, endurance, tone and sculpt your muscles,
ramp-up your metabolism, kick-up your confidence and knock out stress?
Then this is the workout you have been waiting for!
Start kickin' it with Eastside Kickboxing.
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EKB is the first club to combine the toning, shaping and flexibility benefits of Pilates with the cardiovascular and fat loss benefits of Kickboxing. ALL levels of fitness are encouraged to participate in our workout and go at your own pace; this workout is designed for everyone. Our instructors are energizing and friendly and will guide you through all classes to keep you motivated and ramped up throughout the entire session. No more excuses! It's time to get healthy and EKB is the place to do it.

Muscle and Fitness magazine rates Kickboxing as the #1 fat burner, burning 800 calories in a 1 hour session. At EKB we kick it up a notch by adding mat based Pilates for an extra 15 minutes making your 75 minute workout all you need to see immediate muscle tone and fat loss. You want results? At EKB you'll get em'. Join today and get addicted to fitness.

Muscle and Fitness Magazine rates Kickboxing as the number one fat burner, with over 800 calories burned in a one-hour class. At EKB it's not just another workout, it's a blast working out! It has been proven that with consistent exercise you will ramp-up your metabolism and activate your body's own fat burning machine, even while you sleep. Burn fat and calories by adding the cardio routines and muscle building moves of Kickboxing. Muscle helps your body continuously burn fat throughout your entire day. The more you move, the more you build, the more you burn.

Cardio kickboxing builds lean muscle, toning every area of your body. Unlike Taebo our classes use real boxer training gloves and hit professional 6' Thai style heavy bags increasing the variety, power and safety of the workout. The harder you hit the more muscle you build/tone. The resistance training used in punching and kicking the heavy bag is like weight lifting while jogging. Kickboxing tones and sculpts arms, shoulders, back, thighs, gluts, abs- everywhere, creating those sexy, sleek muscles you strive for. In addition to Kickboxing, our classes combine fit ball routines, weight training and Pilates. Intense calorie burning routines combined with Pilates and strength training provides a workout that is second to none.

Kickboxing is an empowering, fun, heart pumping cardio workout that will only make you feel more energized. Regular cardio workouts create lean muscle mass that keep you feeling amped throughout your whole day. The more active your body is the more efficient it will run. Burning calories on a consistent basis creates a loop of energy that does not quit! Cardiovascular activity enhances your body's ability to fight off fatigue , increasing your stamina and endurance.

One of the greatest things about this workout is the stress relief. You get your endorphins pumping, heart pounding, and feel empowered and energized. Lowering your cortisol level ( stress hormone ) is essential, for your health and how you feel on a daily basis.

Another benefit of Pilates and Kickboxing is the increased flexibility. This even helps with blood circulation. Who wants to feel stiff when you can feel relaxed and limber?

"As you age your muscles tighten and range of motion in a joint can be minimized. This can put a halt to active lifestyles and even hinder day- to- day normal motions. A regular stretching program can help lengthen your muscles and restore youthful activity." (Dept. of Kinesiology &Health at Georgia State University)

We all know that when you look good you feel good . Our combo classes give you quicker reflex responses and increased body awareness to feel more agile, stronger and confident in your everyday life. There is no better feeling than when you are in shape . Exercise does your mind and body good.

Why EKB?:
We are all committed to fitness. We are committed to getting you in the best shape of your life and having a blast while doing it. We want to get you addicted to fitness whatever your goal. Are you bored of the gym? Treadmill? Video Tapes? Recharge your routine at EKB. Bring a friend to keep you motivated. Our energetic, friendly atmosphere invites you in and gets you pumped while our awesome members keep it revved-up! Our membership is unlimited. Attend as many classes as you like per month.
Remember the WARNING - you may see immediate results!
Come get hooked to our workout at EKB, we are waiting to get you started.

when will you start?
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