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My love for kickboxing started at a Mixed Martial Arts gym in Vail, Colorado. After moving to the Seattle area, I searched for a place that would provide me with an awesome, non-competitive, full-body workout and keep me wanting to return day after day. EKP was the perfect place! I love the great mix of Pilates, strength training and kickboxing that every class offers. The music and energy in our gym can't be beat.

Come to my class and I'll challenge you with a great workout, encourage you to push yourself, and get you hooked to return for more!
I started instructing KB in Oct 2005. I am certified in Fitness and as a Nutritionist. There are a few things I find that help me get through the day. One is a great workout! I joined EKP in search of challenge and motivation. I certainly found what I was looking for!!! I enjoyed it so much I became an instructor! I found my passion... and that is motivating people to feel better from the inside out. I enjoy training people of all fitness levels, encouraging them to reach their goals. So visualize your goals, and I will keep you on track with encouragement and motivation through every 'JAB, HOOK and KICK' on the way to your goal.
My name is Stephanie and I have been kickboxing with EKP for six years. On top of the class being physically challenging, being an instructor allows me to help our members reach there goals both cardiovascular and physically. There is nothing better then using the class as a way to release tension from your day and personal life. I love to push my class with new ideas and keep them energized with good and current music.
I've lived a life of clean eating and fitness for a very long time! A strong mind and body is a must in my opinion. There is NO BETTER WORKOUT than kickboxing at EKP! Here, you will build muscle and "lungs of steel!"

My class is a PARTY that will have you beggin' for mercy and screamin' for more!
Hello! My name is Heather. I was a member of EKP for three years before becoming an instructor in early 2011. Throughout life, exercise was not something I really liked to do; then I came to EKP and my life changed. I became "hooked" on working out. The complete and total body workout - with the perfect balance of cardio is like no other! My goal is to motivate you and help you to challenge yourself. I bring energy, personality, and enthusiasm to each class.

Come in and give it a try, you'll be happy that you did.
Hi, my name is Luse. I started going to Eastside Kickboxing in July 2007 and instructing in January 2008. The little amount of time I've been here I have acquired determination to reach my goal, motivation to keep going, and inspiration to inspire others to reach their goal. While this was the most difficult workout I have done, I had the greatest fun doing it. Just when you feel like giving in, we'll keep you going. The combined class of kickboxing and pilates is the best workout you'll ever experience and will tone you from head to toe.

So come and try our classes , you won't regret it.
My love of kickboxing began in Chicago, IL in 2001 and I joined EKP in 2004. My incentive to start the sport was to get a total body workout in one class. Kickboxing challenges your body to work as a whole for head-to-toe fitness. My strong passion for kickboxing lead me to become an instructor. I love seeing clients transform as they improve coordination, strength, and endurance. My goal is to be supportive and energetic. I believe hard work coupled with encouragement will bring out the best in people.

In my classes, I want you to get a great workout, have a good time, and leave feeling successful.
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